Bumping into random Ubuntu users

So, yesterday I was in a taxi, on my way to a friends house, and started chatting with the taxi driver. After going through a few tangents, he finally mentions that he also repairs PCs and all that. So I mention that I work for a company that does a Linux distro called “Ubuntu”. Right after I do that, the guy freaks out, grabs his cellphone, opens it (yes, while still driving), and guess what!? The background image was the Ubuntu logo  🙂
I seem to be bumping into Ubuntu fans^users in the weirdest places lately…

Upgrade to Jaunty: Flawless

I half-accidentally upgraded to Jaunty today in the middle of a sprint, and, to my surprise, it was completely flawless. Nothing broke and I have a few new shiny things on my laptop  🙂