Streaming at DebConf

The awesome Video Team at DebConf have set up, like every year, streaming video and audio for the talks and BoFs, so if you’re work allows it, you may want to watch some of the talks:

In about an hour (13hs UTC), Mark Shuttleworth is giving a talk on Debian and Ubuntu collaboration, which I’m sure is worth watching.

If you miss any of the talks, a few weeks after the event is over, the videos are provided for download, so keep an eye out for them if you missed any talks you wanted to watch.

bzr-upload, now with automatic transmission!

A few days ago, James Westby worked on a branch of bzr-upload, that added the upload-on-commit feature to bzr-upload. It’s now part of trunk!

This means that now you can use the –auto switch, and from now on, your commits will automagically get uploaded.

To start uploading automatically:
bzr upload --auto

To stop:
bzr upload --no-auto

In other news, bzr-upload is now packaged and waiting in the Debian NEW queue to be uploaded, thanks to Jelmer Vernooij‘s packaging, and Marcela Tiznado‘s sponsoring.

Working at Canonical

So, some of you already know, and some of you, including myself, will be a bit surprised.
Starting Monday, I’m going to start working full time for Canonical.
I’ve been active in the Ubuntu community since very close to the beginning, then jumped to working on Bazaar and surrounding projects, which, btw, has one of the greatest community ever. So, working for Canonical is like going to Disneyland 🙂
I’ve been doing some contracting work on my free time (mostly for Loggerhead, which turned out great, and some UI in Launchpad), and things just got more exciting every day, until at some point things just started speeding up, and I got offered to work full time a few weeks ago. Having sorted out the remaining details yesterday, Monday is officially my first day.
I’m going to stop working actively as a lead developer at my company, have found some very qualified people to take over the work I’ve been doing, and I’m going to fully focus on making user interfaces mind-blowingly good.
I’ll also get to continue working on Loggerhead as part of my job, so expect to see the improvements to keep on landing regularly.

I’m really excited to start working full time with the smartest people in the world, doing a job that has the word revolution in it’s description!

Update: see what happened 5 months later 🙂

Serverbeach featuring how to install Ubuntu

I’ve been a happy customer of Serverbeach for quite a few years now. Really, those guys are amazing.
Unfortunately, we use CPanel heavily, and that only works on Redhat-based distros, so I can’t benefit from apt’s magic.
I was pleasantly surprised when I spotted a how-to-install-ubuntu-remotely post on their blog today.

Does this mean that they will start to provide servers with Ubuntu preinstalled?
I sure hope so.

Incidentally, I highly recommend them, and, if you sign up, you can punch in my referrer code (TTER8PAF7S) and we both get heavy discounts on the servers 🙂