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It occurred to me the other day that while it’s very obvious what one of the major improvements that came with the release of 1.0 to those of us actively participating and following bazaar’s development (a new storage format with performance as a priority), so obvious, it might not be for the average user.

This new storage format also brought many long awaited bug fixes, so I think it was not stressed enough how important it is to upgrade any branches you created (or started using) with any version before 1.0.

First of all, make sure you’re running the latest bzr version (head to, Ubuntu users can download the very latest from PPA)

To find out what storage format you are currently using, just go the the branch’s folder and type in:

beuno@beuno-laptop:~/test_branch$ bzr info -v | grep 'repository'

That should give you an output similar to this:

beuno@beuno-laptop:~/test_branch$ repository: Knit repository format 1

(Warning: if you’re using bzr-svn, you might see different formats, this probably doesn’t apply)

If it’s reporting Knit repository format (or anything different than Packs containing knits…) then you’re still using the old storage format. How to upgrade is documented in the bzr documentation, including preparation and upgrading, but for you lazy fellows, here’s how it goes:

Make sure you backup the whole directory first, the run:

beuno@beuno-laptop:~/test_branch$ bzr upgrade

(if you’re using shared repositories, make sure you specify where the root repository is with bzr upgrade root-repo-dir)

Once that’s done, you should reconcile:

beuno@beuno-laptop:~/test_branch$ bzr reconcile

If the operation doesn’t report any problems, run a quick bzr info to make sure the repository has been updated correctly and you should be able to delete the backup of the old storage format dir renamed to .bzr.backup/ (WARNING: make sure everything is working correctly before you do this).

If you have branches in Launchpad, you have to do the upgrades via SFTP instead of bzr+ssh (and I do recommend having all branches with the same storage format) like so:

beuno@beuno-laptop:~/test_branch$ bzr upgrade sftp://<username>

And then of course:
beuno@beuno-laptop:~/test_branch$ bzr reconcile sftp://<username>

If you run into any problems, feel free to drop by #bzr in freenode.

As the advertised on their homepage, Nokia seems to have bought Trolltech, in an attempt to “to accelerate software strategy”.
They have a FAQ placed on their webpage trying to address the common concerns of customers and the community in general.

Seems like it’s “Buy successful Open Source companies” season.  🙂

Congratulations to the Trolltech guys.

What happens when you buy your hardware from one of the best companies out there, and install one of the most polished OS for desktops?

You get a perfectly working computer with and encrypted file system, suspend and hibernate working flawlessly, wireless and wired network configured, bluetooth, and all access keys and knobs working correctly withing less than 35 minutes.