Ubuntuforums hits new record

It feels that each Ubuntu release is clearly attracting more and more people every time, and some small details seem to confirm that feeling. Ubuntuforums.org reads:

Most users ever online was 11,277, 1 Day Ago at 05:01 PM.
Currently Active Users: 8482 (1295 members and 7187 guests)

That’s a pretty big bump from the previous ~9500 max users

The forum staff have my deepest admiration for keeping it up and running so smoothly.

What makes a release cycle interesting?

I’ve always thought that the Debian Release Cycle was a mystery to me because I involved enough in it. After poking around a bit more I realized that it has much more randomness to it then what I expected.

While that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it does make it a bit harder for regular users to get excited about it (and consequently, more involved in it).

So that led me to start a release cycle page, based on the email announcement back when Etch was  released: http://debian-community.org/LennyReleaseSchedule/

Now that the basics are layed down, I would like to add as much interesting information as possible to it, ranging from what versions of the different desktops are going to be added (gnome, kde, xfce, etc), what has been accomplished and what not, to major kernel improvements.

If can think of anything to add, please, feel encouraged to do so directly on the wiki, and if you can think of anything else that might make this release cycle more interesting, comments or direct email to me is the a great way to keep this moving forward.

Making Intel PRO/Wireless 3945 work on Debian Lenny

After updating the kernel today to 2.6.22-2, everything but my wireless card seems to work! (sound didn’t work properly before)

It turns out I need some proprietary firmware to get it running in Lenny (aka Testing), so here’s a quick step by step:

– Fire up a terminal
– Go into superuser mode: su –
– Then: gedit /etc/apt/sources.list (or “kate /etc/apt/sources.list” if you’re under KDE)
– There you should add the following line at the end: deb http://ftp.debian.org/debian/ lenny non-free contrib
– Save, then run: aptitude update
– Then we need to install the firmware and the module: aptitude install firmware-ipw3945 ipw3945d ipw3945-modules-`uname -r`
– You should have wireless now 😀

You don’t?
Take a look in: http://forums.debian.net/

Ubuntu-ar at CaFeConf

Once again, the Argentina LoCo was very present at the biggest open source event in Argentina, CaFeConf.

Here is a pic of all the members we could gather:

Ubuntu Argentina LoCo

It was a great event, so congratulations to the people from CaFeLug who made it possible