Translation Sprint a success!

After a few short hours of translating and reviewing, we advanced almost 2000 strings this past week.

This brings us to 23740 strings remaining in Spanish, which at a similar pace (or slower), doesnt’s seem so far away before the freeze for Gutsy, October 11th.

Congratulations to everyone!

Spanish Translation Sprint

After a few months of continuous effort, we have managed to put Spanish as the most translated language in Ubuntu. As of this moment, we are 24741 strings away from having 100% translated.

As ambitious as we are in the Argentina LoCo, we are holding a translation sprint tomorrow (Saturday 28th July) from 17hs to 19hs UTC to give it an extra push.

We welcome anyone who wants to join us in freenode in #ubuntu-ar, there will be several of us reviewing and approving strings as well as translating.

Advertising Open Source in Second Life

Following Mark’s post about the Ubuntu community starting to grow in Second life, I got a request to try and get the ubuntustats feeds into Second Life.
Never having used SL, I had absolutely no idea how that would work, so I got in touch with Catharina Bethlehem, who is actively working on the Ubuntu community in SL, managing a whole island devoted to Free Software.
She urged me to learn by example, so I downloaded the Linux client and gave it a try. I was amazed on how fast and easy it was to start flying around the virtual world. You just download, uncompress, and clicky clicky, you’re playing. No install needed.

Catharina was kind enough to show me the ropes, and I even learned she works for a company called Mingos in the Netherlands that provides laptops and desktops with Ubuntu preinstalled. You can even check them out in the island!
I heard they even ship to all of Europe.

Anyway, if anyone has any idea on how to get the stats feed into Second Life, drop me a line.

UWN #47 released and more UbuntuStats

After a month of crazyness due to Debconf, getting to know some Ubuntu members from around europe, and just traveling around, I got back on track with UWN. Issue #47 has been released as a double-weeker with a lot of news 😀

On the other hand, a lot of work is being done on the UbuntuStats project, thanks to feature requests, we have already implemented personalization of the feeds, quite a few new feeds, and two different ways of visualizing the information.
If you want to request new features, please file us a bug in Launchpad and we’ll be more then happy to get it done.
We have many ambitious things planned for the next months, so stay tuned.

New Laptop, System76 rocks

After drooling over it for months, I finally got a hold on one of those beautiful Darter laptops from System76.

Sometimes companies push us to post annoying rants about their service or product, and, much more rarely, sometimes we get such a good service/product, that they just make us want to tell everyone else about them.

I’m not going to go into every little detail, but a few things do deserve to be highlighted.

In every step of the way from choosing the laptop, placing the order, paying for it, shipping, and post-sale support, I had the feeling everyone was going out of their way just to help me the best they could.

I’m very picky about my laptop, so I was surprised that after unpacking the neatly packaged laptop and checking it out, it had exceeded my expectations. The laptop looks very apple-like, it’s in fact very lightweight, has all the features I could possibly want (tv-out, mmc card reader, bluetooth, monitor out, USBs everywhere, etc), and has very nice polished touches to it. It even suspends and hibernates perfectly!

Another great thing about System76 is they give support on the Ubuntuforums, in the open, and just to show you how open they are about their business,  they also use Launchpad to track bug reports and problems.

I knew almost every single gotcha about my laptop before I ordered it. And I did. That’s how good these people are.

Carl Richell is just a great guy and has a great company on his hands.

Now, back to showing off my Darter…