Jaunty Jackalope

Fresh off the ubuntu-devel mailing list, Mark Shuttleworth has announced the code name for the next Ubuntu release, “Jaunty Jackalope“.
The highlights for that release, to me, are:
– Start pushing the user experience to a higher level, to match and exceed what Apple is providing today
– Cut down on boot and resume time
– Blur the line between the desktop and the web
– Move all Ubuntu packages to bazaar
– Enhance the way developers currently participate

Exciting times!

3 thoughts on “Jaunty Jackalope

  1. I feel I should point out that unlike badgers, herons, ibexes, and the lot, jackalopes aren’t real. So to take the release/mascot comparisons to logical conclusion, does this mean Jaunty is vaporware? 🙂

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