Today is “Tango Friday“, a “sprint day” to refresh all the Tango Icons, the default iconset in Gnome.

I’m happy to hear that they’ve updated 199 icons, much more then I thought they could do in a day (a week even!).

Congratulations to all the artists involved on an amazing job.

Tango Icons


  1. Abbas Khan says:

    I just wanted to say congratz and thanks. You have no idea how long this was overdue in the eyes of us common users.

  2. tango fan says:

    wow! thanks!

  3. kk says:

    Brilliant! Thank you very much.

    The only thing I’m not so thrilled about is the return of the floppy-disk..

  4. Anomalous Underdog says:

    I can’t seem to find where to download this. The official tango website’s download doesn’t have some of the stuff in that image 🙁

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