MySQL migrates to Bazaar!

This just in, MySQL has migrated from BitKeeper to Bazaar. They also seem to be using Launchpad quite extensively, and have already updated their installation from source instructions.
Not only is it a big user base for Bazaar, but yet another move from Closed Source to Open Source software.

Congratulations to all the Canonical folks to helped with the move (I hear John and Elliot had a lot to do with it in particular), and welcome MySQLers 🙂

7 thoughts on “MySQL migrates to Bazaar!

  1. “but yet another move from Closed Source to Open Source software” rings a bit hollow when it comes to Launchpad…

  2. I have the exact same thought as Ty Rex. Maybe I just didn’t understand correctly, but I don’t see how Launchpad is Open Source.

  3. foo: maybe with more and more large projects (emacs is going to be using bzr, too) using bzr, bzr’s shortcomings (speed) will be get some attention and (with time) be fixed.

    And while Launchpad isn’t open source, bzr is.

  4. While Launchpad itself isn’t open source (like google code, sourceforge, etc), it *does* actively promote open source, it’s gradually releasing parts of it (bzr, storm, cvsps), and they have also committed to release the full source eventually.
    That seems good enough for me.

    I think it’s a step forward for open source (I was mainly referring to the move to bazaar, as pointed out by Mark), by making it easier for others to collaborate.

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