Ubuntu CDs getting stuck in customs…

Here at the Argentina LoCo, we have been avoiding requesting the LoCo CD pack, due to it getting stuck in customs for random reasons, making it sometimes impossible to retrieve it, and other having to pay a tax of over 100usd.

I’m curious if this is just a problem over here, or if other LoCos are in the same situation, and, if any, what workarounds have to found.


  1. Same thing here in Jordan but we are working on becoming an official entity or working under existing official entity umbrella which should solve the problem with customs.

  2. Here in Perú it happens if you ask for 50 cds or more! Other than that… no problem at all…

  3. Hi Martin,

    In Ecuador it happens when getting 40-50 CDs or more. So we recommend LoCo members to just order less than that from ShipIt. Normally you get half or a third of what you ask for, so it’s reasonable to ask for 40 and count on 15-20 arriving.

    If customs rates are so high it’s almost impossible for the LoCo to cover the cost and so the shipment is totally worthless in Canonical’s behalf. This should maybe be brought up to the CC or regional councils, so local guidelines for delivery are created (I’m thinking specially of the shipment with 200 CDs after every reelease). In this sense is better to send 4 packages with 50 CDs each rather then sending 200 at a time and loosing it all.

    Blog it my friend 😉



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