A mail from Quinn to the Beryl mailing list indicated that Beryl would be merging back with Compiz to join up efforts and both communities.

I especially like the phrase: “I hope that we can execute this in a way that the average user sticks with it and isn’t overwhelmed / doesn’t feel left behind.”

My deepest congratulations on putting the community in front of everything else, and having the courage to (again), take such a hard decision.


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  3. Meneer R says:

    Its nice to see, that communities and ego’s aren’t always obstacles in the OSS world. We hear too much negative stories (gnome vs kde, gpl vs bsd, ubuntu vs debian).

    Yet all communities have lots of people that are way more grounded and don’t raise their finger that quickly. If only we would start giving them more attention, instead of focussing on the trolls (even if their name is Linus Torvalds). On the other hand, we might need to loosen up as well. Giving an opinion doesn’t automatically make you a troll. If an opinion makes you troll, or turns into a heated debate, both parties are to blame.

    A good example to this is post of Linus vs the reaction of Jeff Waugh (of gnome). He stayed polite and to the point. In the end, Linus ended up submitting patches for gnome about stuff he didn’t like. Approaching Linus the same way you would approach any unsatisfied users that lacks politeness. “Thank you for your comments. Gnome is a community product. You can submit patches if you like¨..

    It demonstrated more than anything, that it takes two, to have an argument. Again, I think, now the Beryl guys are having the better product, yet Compiz is being embraced by the distro’s, a merge would be for the best. I hope that can keep, what makes both distro’s strong: the compiz liscense & the beryl platform-neutrality. Beryl has the better advanced settings tool now, but Compiz integrates better in a gnome-desktop. Perhaps we can have our cake and eat it too?

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