Bazaar sprint, day 2

Second day is over (I’m a bit delayed on reporting, yesterday was exhausting).

The current disussions are currently being dumped into the wiki in, so today I’m just going to post some pictures.

This is where we eat breakfast 😀

That would be the Canonical building



Deciding which are the most important Adoption Blockers


Coding time!


  1. Hi there,

    lots of people are using Apple-Hardware on your pictures. Are they using Ubuntu on it? Is it working like out-of-the-box or is there a lot of ‘hacking’ needed to get everything working, do you know?


    – Stef

  2. Stef:
    Some are running Ubuntu and some are on OSX, but I wouldn’t know the amount of work that needs to go into getting them work properly.
    I guess it’s just that the hardware is nice 😉

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