One thought on “Argentina LoCo rocking the forums

  1. Hey guys, I need your help for my 5th anniversary present for my boyfriend. It’s ok if you can’t help but I just thought I’d ask . Anyway, as I said, its our 5th anniversary so I wanted to do something a bit special, none of that pointless present giving. So, what I’m doing, is asking people around the world to take a photo in their town/environment that says “Cara loves Jeremy”. So far, I’ve had a friend write it in the snow in Canada, and another example another mate wrote it on a stop sign in the CBD of Brisbane.

    Basically, the idea is that I want to get photos from all 5 continents ( I’m leaving Antarctica out lol) to kinda, I guess represent the 5 years we been together. It’s kinda cheesey but I wanna see if I can pull it off. If you can do it, pretty please email a picture to:
    I’d really appreciate it guys☺ Hope to hear back from u. If you know anyone else in a cool place in the world that could do it too could you pass this on, that would be awesome:

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