Performance tip for Edgy and Feisty users

I’ve been following a thread in the forums that refers to a very simple change in Ubuntu that actually is improving the responsiveness of many Edgy and Feisty users (including me).
I have no idea why this is, or if it has any side effects, to be careful.

Edit your “/etc/hosts” file:
$ sudo gedit /etc/hosts

You should see something like this: localhost martin-laptop

(and if your in Feisty, some lines about IPV6

Now, add the following: localhost martin-laptop martin-laptop

(Replace “martin-laptop” with your hostname)

Save. Should work instantly, or sometimes on reboot.

The forum thread is:

12 thoughts on “Performance tip for Edgy and Feisty users

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  5. I have those lines on IPv6 with Edgy as well. Don’t know if this tip actually helped me or not, but I figure that it can’t hurt.

  6. im still using dapper drake and my /etc/hosts looks exactly as you showed after being modified (even with the ipv6 lines.)
    and i always had the same performance..

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