Big Buck Bunny, open source at it's best

I’ve just finished watching the short film sponsored by the Blender Foundation, and I really have to say, it just feels better and better being in the open source world.
It’s an amazing production, both in the quality of the rendering, sound, and amazing idea behind it.

The official site is currently down due to heavy digging and such, but I happen to have the torrent link stored, so here’s a direct link to it, and, the embedded YouTube version (if you read through the planet, you might have to click to the post to watch it).

It’s licensed under Creative Commons, so besides being encouraged to share it, you can download all the original material used for it and all the tools, for free.


  1. […] del progetto ed è praticamente impossibile farsi un’idea precisa, ma per i più impazienti, Martin Albisetti ha linkato un torrent per poter accedere al materiale, rilasciato sotto Creative […]

  2. Ok, I wasn’t expecting it to be that good. I like it!

    Now, if only the same effort could be put into making a truly accessible interface (looking at both Blender and Gimp)…

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