Even after having my talk moved without any notice at all from an ideal scheduled time (Friday evening) to possibly the worst (Saturday morning) , I’m pretty happy with how the talk went about.

I chose to use a different format then standard “OpenOffice Presentation” which allowed me to get it done in less time and give me more flexibility. I used Eric Meyer’s S5 format, which uses standard CSS + Javascript + HTML which I’m very familiar with, together with a Firefox extension called Full Fullscreen, which resized everything to full screen correctly.

You can see the slides (in spanish) at: http://www.beuno.com.ar/talks/7jsl/
and also download them if you like. A video is available with most of the talk filmed, albeit not the best sound quality.

I also have a few good pictures from our booth at the event and the actual talk:

Ubuntu Booth
Our booth!

Ubuntu Argentina LoCo
Some members from the ubuntu-ar LoCo

Martin Albisetti - Ubuntu Presentation
Me 😀

Martin Albisetti - Ubuntu Presentation
A lot more people then I expected for 11am on a Saturday

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