Disassembling a DeLonghi eco310.r coffee machine

After a few weeks of being coffee-deprived, I decided to disassemble my espresso machine and see if I could figure out why it leaked water while on, and didn’t have enough pressure to produce drinkable coffee.
I live a bit on the edge of where other people do, so my water supply is from my own pump, 40 meters into the ground. It’s as hard as water gets. That was my main suspicion. I read a bit about it on the interwebz and learned about descaling, which I’d never heard about. I tried some of the home-made potions but nothing seemed to work.
Long story short, I’m enjoying a perfect espresso as I write this.

I wanted to share a bit with the internet people about what was hard to solve, and couldn’t find any instructions on. All I really did was disassemble the whole thing completely, part by part, clean them, and make sure to put it back together tightening everything that seemed to need pressure.
I don’t have the time and energy to put together a step-by-step walk-through, so here’s the 2 tips I can give you:

1) Remove ALL the screws. That’ll get you there 95% there. You’ll need a philips head, a torx head, a flat head and some small-ish pliers.
2) The knob that releases the steam looks unremovable and blocks you from getting the top lid off. It doesn’t screw off, you just need to pull upwards with some strength and care. It comes off cleanly and will go back on easily. Here’s a picture to prove it:

DeLongi eco310.r

Hope this helps somebody!


  1. Thanks, I was struggling to open mine, with the steam knob being the problem, and your post gave me exactly the info I needed. Mine still doesn’t work, but at least now I can start looking for the problem (tomorrow morning, that is!)

  2. i have trouble to remove the steam wand from the machine
    and also i dont know what bits to use to unscrew the four bolts in the base of the machine is it torx ?
    i have tried torx bit but the dont fit
    any suggestion

  3. Hi some help needed ,where do I attach the earth wire I know the one end ia attached to the top cover but I forgot where th other end is assembled to

  4. wow! I was just wondering how remove that steam ball. Now I can continue with the maintenance, Thanks so much and greetings from Chile!

  5. Thanks mate, exactly what I needed. For the torx screws I managed with a regular screwdriver, they were not too tight

  6. Your post is so helpful to me. I tried to remove the knob but it’s unavailable until read this. Thanks you so much.

  7. Thank you so much! A simple piece of tube had come loose – easily fixed once I knew how to open the casing. We were about to throw the machine away!

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