Ubuntu Live Stats beta!

After a couple of months of playing around with the idea in my head, looking for sources of information, and scratching my head on how to parse them, it’s finally out.

The project wasn’t much more then an idea and some scribbled code until Felipe Lerena came on board to do the heavy lifting.

Anyway, it still needs much work, but I feel it’s at a stage that I can present it to a more broader and bigger audience.


The initial idea behind this is to show the enormous movement Ubuntu has on all fronts, and I hope to extend it into much more deeper and comprehensive long term statistics.

We are of course using Launchpad to track bugs and feature requests, so please report any bugs you might find.

12 thoughts on “Ubuntu Live Stats beta!

  1. That’s really awesome! Excellent work! It’s really cool to see all that information in one place and have it updating automagically. I am certainly going to have this open all the time!

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  3. Small bug, you’re probably already aware: when Launchpad bugs section updates, it throws the bottom sections off of their proper location.

  4. ¡Espectacular!
    Or in spanish: ¡Espectacular!
    Great work, congratulations to you and Lipe.

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  6. Great site, really interesting seeing the activity in the community being displayed in (almost) real time. I’ve added a link to my Using Ubuntu site to help spread the word.

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