Calling all Ubuntu power users: Upgrade to Ubuntu Precise Pangolin today!

It may of been a bit below the radar, but it was announced that for 12.04 LTS, there would be an improved focus on stability throughout the whole development cycle so more people could use it early on and catch problems with more time to fix them. There’s a specific team dedicated to making this happen for all subsequent releases from now on.

This release is probably the most important of them all. We’re releasing an LTS that will be supported for 5 years, that means it’ll be around until 2017!
Different people will help out in making it awesome in different ways, but one we can all help with is upgrading to Precise today. And I do mean today. I’ve upgraded all my computers, including my work laptop and it’s all generally running smoother than 11.10. And if it isn’t, file a bug with the relevant information, that’s what you upgraded for  🙂

So if you’ve been unsure about upgrading, please take the plunge and help out in making 12.04 a rock-solid release.


  1. Sounds very intersting! 😀 Maybe I’ll update in the Christmas-break… I got school to work on too…
    Well! Delete Windows of your computer and install ubuntu 12.04! 😀 YAY!!

  2. I do not recommend all Ubuntu “power users” upgrade to Precise now. It’s still in early alpha and things will break several more times in the coming months. Just today, there was a vte transition which could have broken gnome-terminal for those who don’t know not to do partial upgrades. Even more fun, you have to do a dist-upgrade to fully upgrade from oneiric to precise so you need to pay attention to what apt-get is recommending.

    On the other hand, running the development release is a lot of fun if you like to see new things and don’t mind when things break because you get a chance to fix it and learn a bit more about how things work. But please don’t expect the development release to not occasionally break badly, especially if it’s your first time running it before stable release.

  3. Oh, and I forgot to mention that teh best way to get bugs fixed *is* to run the development release as it’s less risky to fix things before Ubuntu gets certified as a stable release.

  4. I decided to jump in last week, first time I upgrade so early Have filled a few bugs with regards full screen apps and opening dashboard. It does not take focus. I love the cron task to keep the system updated. It help keeping everything updated to some extend.

    Thanks for the call to help

  5. I upgraded my laptop and the bug where compiz would hog 50% of cpu after returning from sleep is fixed.

  6. I’ll upgrade my netbook. Don’t get me wrong, I am a power user / early adopter, but I DO need get work done 😉

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