Ubuntu One Files for Android released!

After a long and interesting journey, today we’ve released Ubuntu One Files for Android.

The app started being developed by MichaƂ Karnicki as a Google Summer of Code project, and he did such a fantastic job at it that we hired him on full time and teamed him up Chad Miller to end up releasing a fantastically polished app. It got immediately featured in the press!
It was built on top of our public APIs, documented here: https://one.ubuntu.com/developer/

Besides it letting you access all your files stored in Ubuntu One, it has a very cool feature to auto-sync all the pictures on your phone, having an instant backup of them, and a convenient place to share them!

I’m super proud of the work we put out.

Also, as with all the rest of our clients, it’s open source and you can get it in Launchpad

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  1. Awesome!
    Just tested it and it works perfectly, great work. Now I actually have a use for Ubuntu one, sync my pictures wirelessly!

    (It is still useless for anything else though because of the embarrassing lack of proxy support, which means it only works on my home PC – and now my phone – but not at work)

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