Ubuntu One music, streaming to your mobile!

A little while back, I hinted at us delivering new features for mobile phones, specifically Android and iPhone. Now that we’re past the initial research, architecture and initial implementation phase, I’d like to share one of the new features we’ll be releasing in Ubuntu 10.10: music streaming.

In Ubuntu 10.04, we released the music store, and to compliment that, we will be allowing you to stream any music you have in your Ubuntu One account to your iPhone or Android mobile phone. This feature will be bundled as part of the paid plan, although we are planning some re-structuring to that, yet to be announced.

We’ve chosen to base this new service on free software, and have picked Subsonic clients as our platform, implementing compatible APIs on our servers.
On the iPhone, Ben Baron, who develops the iSub client for that platform, has decided to open source the code for his application, enabling us to build our iPhone as an open source project. We can’t thank him enough, for enabling that for us, you should try out iSub, it’s an amazing application.

We hope to slowly start opening up the testing of the service before the 10.10 release, but more on that as we make progress.

More on our epic roadmap to 10.10 soon!

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