Removed from Planet Ubuntu

You notice all my posts have been removed from, and that it isn’t updating anymore since around 5am UTC.
Why is that you ask?
None of us have been told for sure by Canonical, but for what I can guess, since the planet is hosted by them, they’ve frozen it due to a confusion on the press embargo being lift about the Dell story, and any of us who had mentioned it, got removed even though we haven’t broken any rules.

I might be wrong, but I believe “the planet” is an Ubuntu thing, not Canonical (they do host it), and as such commercial agreements should not affect it.

I understand it *might* have been a drastic measure, I’m just not happy about the way it’s being handled, and I’m not the only one.

Update: The situation has been cleared up, and efforts will be made to prevent this in the future. Thanks to all those who tolerated the frenzy. 

3 thoughts on “Removed from Planet Ubuntu

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  3. so…any explanation to why they didn’t use the comunity tools and they step over all the comunity?

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