1. Some projects have a DVCS mirror for their main CVS/SVN tree, where commits really reside. It may be the situation in Drupal.

    I find that hilarious, because it doubles the complexity of managing the source code and buys you nothing. If you set a BZR/GIT/HG mirror for your CVS, you have no fucking clue of what you are doing. Seriously, if that is you, be a hero and make us happy. Instead of painful transition time-windows or useless read-only trees, just import the history of the source to your new repository and let developers handle the pain of a new VCS for a couple of hours. They will be happy with the changes once they rediscover branches and merges.

  2. I see people have already commented to this effect, but it would be really good if that page was divided along the following lines:

    * projects that use Bazaar as their primary VCS (use it for trunk); and
    * projects that have a supported Bazaar mirror of their repository

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