Community Council

So, it seems my nomination to the Community Council has been accepted  \o/   It caught me a bit by surprise, so I’m struggling to add information to my wiki page again (it’s been 4 years since I last touched it!).
The current list of nominees is awesome, so I’m very happy that no matter what the results are it’s going to be a great board.

I wanted to share why I’d like to fill this position at this point in time with everybody so you know what you’re voting for  🙂

My main concern right now is the decrease in motivation I’ve seen in some places in the community, which is counter-intuitive because there’s more to do today than ever.
I’d like to get to the bottom of why this is happening and turn it around. I want to find new, exciting and clearly articulated goals for us to achieve and continue working on all the delicate balances we have between upstreams, Canonical, and Ubuntu.

I’d also like to find ways to more clearly document the different uses people have for Ubuntu and make sure either the default install is addressing them, or when impossible, communities are formed around spinning off the needed changes into its own thing to keep people productive and happy.

These are ambitious and hard things to do, but that’s the case for most things worth doing.


P.S. I’m going to be on a plane from London to Buenos Aires when the results get announced!

3 responses to “Community Council”

  1. My congrats on the nomination Martin! Good Luck!


  2. Pity you posted that /after/ I already voted! I’ll check if I can go back and change it. I don’t know you and checked your wiki page and it was pretty much empty do had to give you a bit lower score than I would after I’ve read this post.


  3. I can’t vote but I’ll campaign for you anyway 🙂
    Go Martin !


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