Ubuntu One contacts, now with merging!

While we slowly ramp up to release mobile phone contact sync, using my own contacts as test data I realized that once I had merged my phone’s address book and Thunderbird’s address book, I had quite a few contacts duplicated due to them having different names with different information in them. So I had one of those “you know what would be cool…?” kind of moments, and started working on a feature that would let me merge contacts on the web, saving me hours of copy-n-paste.
A few weeks later, an initial pass at that feature has rolled out!  Yay agile software development!

There are a few tweaks to the contacts interface, and you will see a new option:

So, for example, let’s pretend you have 2 contacts that are the same person but have an extra name in one of them, one of them has his phone number, the other, his email:


We go to our new merge feature and select both of them:

Finally, we get a preview of what this will look like:


Plans for the future are:

– Allow conflict resolution when the contact has 2 fields that are the same but have different values
– Allow editing the contact in the merge preview
– Allow merging from the contacts page instead of a separate page
– Use this same mechanism when conflicts arise in couchdb merging contacts
Also, contact syncing from thousands of mobile phones will be opened up for a public alpha very very very soon. Stay tuned!

4 responses to “Ubuntu One contacts, now with merging!”

  1. Urbano Freitas Avatar
    Urbano Freitas

    This is one more great feature that can make me prefer Ubuntu One over Dropbox.

    In this entry You say that you sync Thunderbird with Ubuntu One.
    Can you please explain how do you do this?

    I thought that We could only sync Evolution contacts, and although I use MS Outlook in work, I don’t like very much of Evolution, I prefer Thunderbird!

    So,keep the good and promise work!

    I think that these kind of features will bring more people to Ubuntu, and revenue to CANONICAL.


  2. Hi Urbano,

    Drop me an email at: argentina@gmail.com, and I’ll send you the instructions to sync Thunderbird.
    It will be made public on Monday, but you can get a sneak preview 😉


  3. Hi!

    Since you will present today this feature, there is no need to send me the instructions. But thanks a lot for the readiness to allow me to experience this.

    This is really a neat feature!

    Is there any plans to allow to sync Gmail contacts with Ubuntu One?

    This would be a blast! Being able of syncing TB contacts with the Ubuntu One with the warranty that contacts the sames conatcts are available in Gmail, for that times, that we must use GMail through is web interface.

    Probably you can say it. But it would be neat 😉

    Keep the good work!


    1. Gmail syncing is on our radar, but not on our roadmap yet. I agree it would be very nice!


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