Moving to Ubuntu One

After a year and a half in the User Experience team at Canonical, I’ve decided to move to the Ubuntu One team. It’s been an amazing experience to be part of that team but I’ve been missing doing development on a regular basis a lot lately, so I’ve decided to move into a role where I can get my hands dirty more often.

I will start by taking on anything on the web interface together with an amazing team, we will deliver a great experience and a higher level of polish for Lucid. There are some exciting new features coming to Ubuntu One, so it’s a great time to be part of the team, especially with John Lenton and Elliot Murphy as managers.

This does mean I will be moving away from the work I’ve been doing on Launchpad which makes me sad, it’s a fantastic and ambitious project filled with the smartest and most passionate engineers I’ve known.

If in the next few months you don’t start feeling like life is getting better for you on the Ubuntu One web UI, please come and find me and point me and hold me up to my promise of wonderful webby things.

12 responses to “Moving to Ubuntu One”

  1. Hi,
    Is there a way to upload contacts so that they copy exactly
    how the contacts are set up including the different groups?



    1. Hi Jeff,

      The contacts bits are a bit unpolished at the moment, but it will be our main focus for the next month or two so it should be up to speed soon.
      Do you have a screenshot of what you want it to look like?


  2. that are great news!
    The web interface needs a lot of work. There are three open bugs on launchpad from me:

    I also would like to see an option to move files between folders on the website.

    The “Notes” tab is very minimalistic and there are also a lot of features missing:
    – Display of the “Tomboy Notebook”

    ~ Bernd


    1. Bernd, all of those look like bugs we want to address. All except one are assigned (and one even in progress!), so it looks like you’ll get all your wishes granted in the short term!


  3. Welcome to Online Services!


  4. Hello Martin

    I bumped into your post right after I left a question at the UbuntuOne wiki. I have lots of contacts, over 300. And I just bought a Palm Pre cellphone, which I understand has WebOS its a linux based operating system. Well, with this phone I can sync all my contacts directly to my Google contacts, that works great. So, can you guys on the team develop the sync featurs so I can also sync my contacts (all at once) to UbuntuOne ? I would just go crazy if I had to rewrite each and every one of thos contacts again. I want to keep them in UbuntuOne as a precaution/backup.

    I also have a second question: If I wanted more space, can I get it ? How? Free? If not how much? I am not working right now.


    1. Hi Eddie,

      I’m looking into support for WebOS, but syncing from google is something that is absolutely on our radar. I don’t want you to have to re-type all of them.

      If you want more space, you can upgraded to the 50gb account, it’s 10usd/month IIRC. Space beyond that is in the pipeline, but not yet available.


  5. Beuno

    I just have a list on the left of folders to sub catagorize
    all my contacts like family, wifes family, friends, work,
    business etc.
    I would like to see that carry over intact to the cloud.


  6. Also excited about the possibility of integrating my Pre with Ubuntu One. Tough I’m not capable of building apps I’ll be the first on the beta bandwagon, if there is one!


    1. Hola Andres,

      I did not know that, but it’s know on my “to research” list! Thank you.


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