Plans for the future of bzr-upload

During UDS Vincent and I made sure we shared a room so we could talk a bit about what we wanted for the future of bzr-upload.

To ensure we didn’t loose any of the conversation, he took notes and sent them to me, so now I’m passing them on for those of you interested in contributing or just knowing what features are in the pipeline.
* Create a .bzr-upload-ignore file that ignore any action for which one the paths matches an ignore regexp. Use the working tree version by default, fallback to the versioned one otherwise

* New command: “bzr upload-files FILES” to allow uploading individual files. Upload the specified files if no uncommitted
changes exist, –force overrides the uncommitted changes check.

* New command: “bzr upload-check”. Walk the remote site ensuring that every file still has the same content that the local version –restore optionally restore the remote content to the local value. Optionally for remote sites implementing ssh and providing an md5 binary, the check can be implemented by comparing the local and remote md5 avoiding the full downloads.

3 responses to “Plans for the future of bzr-upload”

  1. wow, I had no clue about this project. Thanks! I totally need this for my server, as it doesn’t have bzr support just yet.


  2. Hi Martin,

    bzr upload is working great for me, thanks for your work on this ! I was thinking that something that would be interesting for the future is a way to handle new files created on the server (for instance in wordpress you can upload images etc…) in order to be able to add them to a local branch. This kind of processing sounds more like a “sync” operation than an “upload” operation to me, but it would definitely be very useful !



    1. Hi Luis,

      That would be interested. Would you like to file a bug?


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