Launchpad is now fully open source

As promised, Launchpad has been fully open sourced (as opposed to the initial idea, nothing has been held back). Get it now, fix your favorite pet bug, and improve tens thousands of people’s experience.

Mark Shuttleworth really deserves a lot of praise for this bold and brave move, open sourcing not only the code, but all  it’s history. It’s a fantastic day today.

Update: yes, fully means including soyuz and codehosting, Mark has decided to release everything. The whole history is there.

See the loggerhead page:


6 responses to “Launchpad is now fully open source”

  1. Andreas Simon Avatar
    Andreas Simon

    And with “fully” I think you mean Launchpad minus the Soyuz component.


    1. No, I mean including soyuz.


  2. Andreas Simon Avatar
    Andreas Simon

    Wow, that is really a nice supprise. Thanks Canonical.


  3. Woh, some people is very fast when it’s time to criticize 😉

    Anyway, thanks Canonical and thanks Martin (I’m pretty sure you put a lot of effort in this).


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