Bumping into random Ubuntu users

So, yesterday I was in a taxi, on my way to a friends house, and started chatting with the taxi driver. After going through a few tangents, he finally mentions that he also repairs PCs and all that. So I mention that I work for a company that does a Linux distro called “Ubuntu”. Right after I do that, the guy freaks out, grabs his cellphone, opens it (yes, while still driving), and guess what!? The background image was the Ubuntu logo  🙂
I seem to be bumping into Ubuntu fans^users in the weirdest places lately…

5 responses to “Bumping into random Ubuntu users”

  1. One person who tried Ubuntu in my psych lecture and asked me about using an ati rage something or other gpu it, one person who tried it in my History of Architecture (and after I told him how to get wireless working or something, he started using it).

    I wear my ubuntu hoodie everywhere, but so far I haven’t gotten any fist-in-the-airs from people..


  2. I’ve seen a couple of people with Ubuntu’s here at the uni.


  3. I am very happy Ubuntu is becoming familiar all around the world..I wear my Ubuntu cap daily it is a way to be a proud Ubuntu user.
    Ling Live Ubuntu….


  4. Believe it or not but in our university then you go to library where students use internet, most use their notebooks and after walking around and countig linux and non-linux notebooks, numbers are very close. Once I counted about 9xUbuntu vs 1xVista 🙂


  5. […] Matt Zimmerman: Random Ubuntu sighting. You’d be surprised some of the places you can find an Ubunutu logo, like the place Matt found it. Martin Albisetti has found an Ubuntu user in a very interesting place. […]


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