Upgrade to Jaunty: Flawless

I half-accidentally upgraded to Jaunty today in the middle of a sprint, and, to my surprise, it was completely flawless. Nothing broke and I have a few new shiny things on my laptop  🙂

2 responses to “Upgrade to Jaunty: Flawless”

  1. Lucky you, Martin… 🙂

    I know it is only in alpha stage, but…

    I did the same last night too, on my 2.1 Macbook, and ended up in an awful state, with dual-head support messed up, and oh my, the infamous zapping was blocked… gnome crashed before starting and I had to do several hard reboots with a terrible amount of time wasted. Luckily KDE and XFCE worked more or less flawlessly, and after several retries, I re-enabled zapping from the KDE config app (thanks kubuntu guys!), and after some more retries Gnome worked again. Then I spent about one hour messing around with my screens, dexconf and anything possible to my knowledge… Then I got it working and I realized that panels were blocked (the “allow panels to be moved” feature is gone)… but yes, beside that. it seems that it all was allright after all. Since rebooting into alpha Jaunty, the login window appears just on my external screen. Weird.

    The sound system seems to be cracking all the time and the Intel graphic driver works much slower than in Intrepid… and well, some of the troubles that Intrepid was causing to my machine (an awfully excessive heat when doing anything that requires just a bit of processor commitment) are still there…

    I believe that a lot more intensive testing is requred on apple machines if Ubuntu seeks to convince MacOS users of its goodness. They are a nice bunch too, not to be forgotten.

    I happen to be a translator and I use OmegaT (a beta version that was working nicely in Intrepid), but the new java packages in Jaunty are making a mess on my work window… Luckily I have Hardy on another partition, so I could keep on working today. Well, I had to switch back to my good’ol Hardy for now and wait until Jaunty progresses…

    I didn’t expect the upgrade to work flawlessly, this machine has made me digg into launchpad and forums too often since gutsy… I believe that all these problems will be solved. I simply got tired of having an intrepid coffee maker over my lap every time I needed to put my macbook to work just a bit. I don’t mean to rant, but I believe that a lot more work is needed in Jaunty than in Intrepid.

    Please keep on the good work! We’ll keep believing in gnus and free software… All efforts are much appreciated!


  2. I am missing the point. And because of people blogging stuff like this, i ended up upgrading to jaunty prematurely a while ago and i realized i shouldn’t done that so i spent and awful long time to get back to my regular set-up.


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