Usabilty report on Empathy and Pidgin

I just realized that Matthew Paul Thomas’ blog isn’t on the planet, so for the people who aren’t yet subscribed to his blog, he’s been doing a lot of usability work on Ubuntu, and did a very interesting evaluation on Empathy’s and Pidgin’s usability, helping the desktop team decide with all the facts on the table, whether it Empathy is mature enough to be the default choice in Ubuntu (he concluded that Empathy just wasn’t there yet).
What’s even more interesting, is the fact the he reported bugs based on his findings, to both projects, to help improve free software in general.

Personally, I look forward to seeing more of his insightful evaluations, and I’m thrilled to see usability getting more and more attention in open source!

3 responses to “Usabilty report on Empathy and Pidgin”

  1. So, I’m a bit confused. I just installed Empathy, and the only protocols it offers me are Jabber, Salut, and GTalk, but his evaluation says there’s AIM support. What am I missing?


  2. I really don’t know. Maybe there’s a library you need to install to give it AIM/ICQ support?


  3. […] comparison of the two and decided Empathy isn’t ready for prime time yet. Big thanks to Martin Albisetti for bringing his blog to my attention. It really should be in a […]


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