Essential topics to get people to start helping out

I’m going to try one of these “dear lazyweb” thingies for the first time.

On saturday, all us latin american folks are having a contintent-wide install fest names Flisol.

This year I’m going to be giving a talk on how to help out in the community, and use very practical examples, even doing some of the work live (translate, for example).

The goal is to encourage more people to help out, and show them clear easy ways to do so.

Now, the big question: What topics do you think that should absolutely be mentioned?

Now, back to my slides…  🙂

2 responses to “Essential topics to get people to start helping out”

  1. That it’s very easy to get started (ie, Rosetta)?


  2. Charles Norrie Avatar
    Charles Norrie

    I always carry around a few disks of HH in my pocket and hand them out to those who are suffering the dreaded Windows disease


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