Bazaar sprint concludes

So, the sprint is over.
It’s been a very long week, and looking back at it it seems impossible to me that so many things happened and got done in just 5 days.
This has been the first bazaar sprint I’ve attended, so my expectations weren’t based on anything else than my imagination.
Basically, I thought I would meet very intelligent people who had a a tons of experience with the project, and that knew exactly what had to be done and how to do it.
It wasn’t quite like that.
There where 16 of us in total, which is a pretty large crowd for such a specific piece of software like versioning control, and everyone was just embarrassingly smart. What was a surprise was how well us community folks where integrated into the project as a whole, on the decision making aspects and on even on taking responsibility for ideas being put in place appropriately. Everyone was extremely helpful with just about anything, and I’ve personally learned so much in such a small time frame, I can’t even begin to process it.

Canonical sponsored all our travel and accommodation costs, to the extent that it didn’t cost me a single dollar to go across half the world and spend some time discussing, coding, and drinking beer with the same people I hang out on IRC. The four start hotel overlooking the Thames was a bit over the top, but, as you can expect, we didn’t complain. I also got to meet people from Launchpad and Ubuntu with whom I’ve been interacting for the past two years. Many concepts one has over what’s commonly denominated “low bandwidth communication” (eg. IRC or email) change a fair bit with some face to face time.
While really tired, I’m really happy with how everything went, and am really excited to start work (and finish!) on some of the many areas I volunteered in.

I suppose this is just a way of thanking everyone for making it possible, and for the hospitality which we where treated with.

beuno@beuno-laptop:~$ bzr rocks

P.S. I’m going to catch up on all the previous days of the sprint, just need some sleep  😀

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