Bazaar 1.2 released

Bazaar 1.2 was released a few days ago, get it while it’s hot.

Some of the improvements include:

* Formatting of bzr plugins output was changed to be more human-friendly. Full path of plugins locations will be shown only with –verbose command-line option.

* merge command now prefers to use the submit branch, but will fall back to parent branch. For many users, this has no effect. But some users who pull and merge on the same branch will notice a change. This change makes it easier to work on a branch on two different machines, pulling between the machines, while merging from the upstream. merge –remember can now be used to set the submit_branch.

* merge –preview produces a diff of the changes merge would make, but does not actually perform the merge.

* The register-branch command will now use the public url of the branch containing the current directory, if one has been set and no explicit branch is provided.

* bzr annotate has been speed up while using pack repositories by approx 3:2.

* Over a dozen bugfixes


* Fetching via the smart protocol may need to reconnect once during a fetch if the remote server is running Bazaar 1.1 or earlier, because the client attempts to use more efficient requests that confuse older servers. You may be required to re-enter a password or passphrase when this happens. This won’t happen if the server is upgraded to Bazaar 1.2.

You can also take a look at the the full changelog

2 responses to “Bazaar 1.2 released”

  1. Link is for 1.1’s release notes. Which is fair, as 1.2 seems missing. The “News” section on the main site still lists 1.0 as the latest entry. Ubuntu packages, besides being PPA-based, are still unavailable. What’s going on?


  2. Fixed the link, thanks.
    PPA has had problems building, but it should be fixed very very soon.
    Keep an eye out for it!


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