Nokia buys Trolltech

As the advertised on their homepage, Nokia seems to have bought Trolltech, in an attempt to “to accelerate software strategy”.
They have a FAQ placed on their webpage trying to address the common concerns of customers and the community in general.

Seems like it’s “Buy successful Open Source companies” season.  🙂

Congratulations to the Trolltech guys.

4 responses to “Nokia buys Trolltech”

  1. […] Martin Albisetti hat in seinem Post ein Link zum FAQ von Trolltech gepostet – kann man sich ja mal zu Gemüte führen… Noch mehr Informationen dazu gibt es hier. (gefunden bei fathi) […]


  2. […] by wolfger on January 28, 2008 Hot off Planet Ubuntu this morning is the news that Nokia is buying Trolltech to “accelerate” their software […]


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