Translation Sprint a success!

After a few short hours of translating and reviewing, we advanced almost 2000 strings this past week.

This brings us to 23740 strings remaining in Spanish, which at a similar pace (or slower), doesnt’s seem so far away before the freeze for Gutsy, October 11th.

Congratulations to everyone!

One response to “Translation Sprint a success!”

  1. I’m working on a LiveCD that will have the install instructions in Spanish. All I’m going to change is the first screen or two. After that, the user will have selected the country and language, so it will be all native.

    I need it because I live in Laredo, Texas, where everyone speaks Spanish.

    Can you post a translation of the initial boot screen of the Ubuntu Desktop CD (Feisty)? If you do, send an email to loye.young NOSPAM I will create the CD and make it available to the community.


    Loye Young
    Laredo, Texas


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