Spanish Translation Sprint

After a few months of continuous effort, we have managed to put Spanish as the most translated language in Ubuntu. As of this moment, we are 24741 strings away from having 100% translated.

As ambitious as we are in the Argentina LoCo, we are holding a translation sprint tomorrow (Saturday 28th July) from 17hs to 19hs UTC to give it an extra push.

We welcome anyone who wants to join us in freenode in #ubuntu-ar, there will be several of us reviewing and approving strings as well as translating.

3 responses to “Spanish Translation Sprint”

  1. […] Martin Albisetti en su blog nos notifica que el español es el idioma más traducido en Ubuntu, com sólo 24,741 por traducir hasta la fecha. Mañana el equipo de Argentina LoCo van a tener un sprint de traducción para darle un empujón. Aquellos interesados en ayudar comuniquense en freenode #ubuntu-ar para contribuir a una traducción completa. […]


  2. Great work ! Next time can you post this a bit more in advance so we can pass the word around ? 🙂


  3. Thank you 😀
    I absolutely should. Haven’t been as organized as I would like lately…


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