Ubuntu in a Comic

I’ve arrived yesterday to Edinburgh for Debconf7 (lovely city by the way), and passed through Madrid two days.

Dario Minnucci over there scanned a comic they saw in a magazine which I thought would be interesting to some of you..

Ubuntu in comics

5 responses to “Ubuntu in a Comic”

  1. it is wonderful…….. waw waw ….


  2. French magazine?
    i’m quite curious to know wich magazine published this
    (i googled “Bernal” with no response)


  3. tenshu: it’s a spanish magazine. a huge news comic magazine. politically left-sided.

    to express how big it is I can say it’s the only news source that can mock however they please the king.



  4. Is “El Jueves”, a spanish magazine of social critic. 😛
    PD: sorry for my english xD


  5. The author is called Azagra.


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