Ubuntu in a Comic

I’ve arrived yesterday to Edinburgh for Debconf7 (lovely city by the way), and passed through Madrid two days.

Dario Minnucci over there scanned a comic they saw in a magazine which I thought would be interesting to some of you..

Ubuntu in comics

5 responses to “Ubuntu in a Comic”

  1. nasrullah chinnarasssen Avatar
    nasrullah chinnarasssen

    it is wonderful…….. waw waw ….


  2. French magazine?
    i’m quite curious to know wich magazine published this
    (i googled “Bernal” with no response)


  3. tenshu: it’s a spanish magazine. a huge news comic magazine. politically left-sided.

    to express how big it is I can say it’s the only news source that can mock however they please the king.



  4. Is “El Jueves”, a spanish magazine of social critic. 😛
    PD: sorry for my english xD


  5. The author is called Azagra.


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