Talk on Launchpad

I gave a talk on how to use Launchpad on saturday for the Argentina LoCo, and after a couple of hours of editing, it’s up on Google Video.

The talk is in spanish, for which I understand there aren’t many.

Any comments are more then welcome 😀

Update: Thanks to Fabian Rodriguez, also now available in OGG format.

2 responses to “Talk on Launchpad”

  1. Martin muy educativo es la primera vez que consigo información real de lo que es launchpad. Ojala lo hubiera visto hace 5 meses que fue cuando me inicie en Gun/Linux y en Ubuntu me hubiera ahorrado muchas dudas.

    Te recomendaría que lo dividieras el vídeo en partes mas pequeñas para que sea mas facil de seguir.

    Martin very educational This is the first time I find out real information about what the launchpad is. I had wished saw this 5 months ago when I started in GNU/Linux and Ubuntu I had save many doubts.

    I recomend you split the video in small part to watch this more confortable is too long and many pauses with my conection


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