Dell announces the models (and date) for Ubuntu

A blog floating around the blogosphere is reporting that he got an email from Dell, announcing that computers with Ubuntu preinstalled will be available starting next Thursday, may the 25th. The models are rumored to be “E520, 1505 and XPS 410”.

The email also stated: “We expect these systems to be less than 1% of our OS mix for the entire year which is ~20,000 systems annually”.

I hope they end up being wrong on that    😀

5 responses to “Dell announces the models (and date) for Ubuntu”

  1. Oh they are up for a big surprise. What might hinder the sales though is that do the people know about this alternative. If Dell doesn’t run a marketing campaign for it they might fail to hit the 20 000. If they will and more ordinary people see it as a viable option, they will break the 20 000 in a very short time.


  2. […] concordo com Martin Albisetti do [Ubuntu and random stuff], eu também espero que o funcionário em questão esteja redondamente enganado sobre esses […]


  3. […] preinstallato. Si conoscerebbero già anche i modelli distribuiti con Linux, come segnalato da Martin Albisetti. Francamente non ho ancora un’idea a riguardo  e non conosco ancora quei […]


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