Flisol 2007 in Buenos Aires, a success

I’ve just gotten home and I’m absolutely exhausted.

I have tons of pictures and information to share, but it seems like a good idea to do it after getting some decent sleep.

I just wanted to share 2 quick pictures:Ubuntu Cookies

Gabriel Patiño from out LoCo (Argentina) cooked some very tasty Ubuntu Cookies. They lasted for about 2 minutes before every single one got eaten.


Some of the Argentina LoCo members that came and helped get all those Ubuntus installed (some had already left when we took this picture).

7 responses to “Flisol 2007 in Buenos Aires, a success”

  1. what a team!! haha


  2. yeah!!!!

    the best of the day??

    the ubuntu cookies!!


  3. heh i left minutes before somebody took that picture


  4. …and yes, i’m the taller one =P


  5. Great job guys!!



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