Gaim now called Pidgin

It’s been surfacing all over that the instant messenger we’ve all learned to love, has been forced to be renamed due to a legal battle with AOL over the “aim” trademark.

The project has been named to  Pidgin, which wikipedia tells us that:

“A pidgin, or contact language, is the name given to any language created, usually spontaneously, out of two or more languages as a means of communication between speakers of different tongues, and usually a simplified form of one of the languages.”

A new domain has been registered to go with it at:

The trademark issue has actually been keeping Gaim… eerrr… Pidgin in beta status, so we can expect a final release real soon.

You can read a much more lengthy and detailed report about this in the official annoncement.

2 responses to “Gaim now called Pidgin”

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  2. Gaim heißt jetzt Pidgin…

    Ich habe es soeben erst mit bekommen, Gaim heißt auf Grund von bereits sehr lang anhaltenden Streitigkeiten mit AOL um die Namensrechte an AIM ab sofort Pidgin. Dieser Streit ist unter anderem auch der Grund das Gaim Pidgin bislang immer noch in d…


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